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Motivational Interviewing & Addiction Treatment Workshops

Over the past month, Be Change Trainer Mikel Gellatly has been busy delivering both Motivational Interviewing and Addiction Treatment trainings for practitioners in Queensland and Singapore.

In June, delivering a Foundational MI skills workshop online with Singapore General Hospital (SGH). This workshop was delivered to practitioners from multiple disciplines across a variety health and allied health areas from within SGH.

In July, delivering another Foundational MI skills workshop. This time, we were face to face training 34 key workers from the a variety of social and health support domains and organisations in Rockhampton.

We also delivered an Addiction Treatment workshop with the Gold Coast chapter of the Australian Psychological Society. This workshop was a lot of fun, and we received a lot of great feedback, including one participant saying that "this was the best CPD I have been to all year".

If you or your organisation are looking for high quality Motivational Interviewing or Addiction Treatment training, tailored to your work setting, and delivered for foundational, intermediate, or advanced levels. Reach out now via

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