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Celebrating Five Years of Empowerment in Clinical Communication at Singapore General Hospital (SGH)

Celebrating Five Years of Empowerment in Clinical Communication at Singapore General Hospital (SGH) and Post Graduate Allied Health Institute (PGAHI) through Motivational Interviewing (MI) Training! 🌟🏥

For half a decade, Mikel has been dedicated to fostering the art of Motivational Interviewing (MI) within the esteemed halls of SGH and PGAHI. It's an honor to witness firsthand their unwavering dedication to patient-centric care, where the significance of effective clinical communication shines through, profoundly impacting treatment and patient outcomes.

In the intricate realm of medicine and allied health, navigating complexity is a constant. Treating patients with multifaceted needs requires more than a simple "assess-and-advise" approach. This is where Motivational Interviewing steps in—a patient-centric methodology that kindles behavioural change by nurturing the patient's internal motivation for transformation. Supported by concrete evidence and articulated with precision, this approach holds tremendous potential in aiding patients to enhance valued change.

As the world adapted to the new normal of remote operations brought on by COVID, our training with SGH embraced the virtual sphere.

This year we have already delivered 1 Building Skills Course, and 2 Foundational Skills Courses with SGH and PGAHI. With the next in March next year:

📅 Motivational Interviewing Building Skills - March 11-12, 2024 (2 half days)

PGAHI and Be Change are currently confirming dates for the 24/25 financial year.

Motivational Interviewing isn't just a technique—it's an instrument of empowerment that steers individuals towards positive transformation. This client-centered approach aids in resolving ambivalence and propelling individuals towards their aspirations. An indispensable skillset for all healthcare and social support professionals, MI stands as a beacon of positive change.

Should you or your organization yearn to delve deeper, don't hesitate to get in touch with us.

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