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Synthesising models on addiction to develop comprehensive recovery-oriented treatment plans

Updated: Apr 16, 2023

Problematic substance use is one of the social and individual tragedies of modern-day life, with the consequences extending far beyond the individual.

Substance use treatment is also a highly complex field, with no one theory or model adequately describing the diverse range of presentations, drivers, and consequences that can be observed. Perhaps this complexity and limited understanding is why few health and welfare professionals receive comprehensive and holistic training about substance use and addiction as a part of their studies.

This workshop does not aim to provide a review of the broad principles of treatment or compare and contrast alternative theories and viewpoints. Nor does it attempt to reproduce much of the excellent work and writings that already exist in the substance use treatment field.

Rather, it aspires to provide participants with an integrated framework that weaves together all of the current accepted theories, from within which the clinician can not only expand their understanding of the client’s presentation, but also provide them with a broader array of support and treatment options.

Hosted by the Australian Psychological Society - Gold Coast - 08 Jul 2023

Nerang Red Cross Rooms 38 Ferry Street, Nerang Gold Coast , QLD 4211 Australia Venue is wheelchair accessible

08 Jul 2023 10:00 AM - 02:00 PM AEST2

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